“Each and every day as you walk on this earth and dance on this world you get to function from approval, because upon your creation you were already approved.  When you were made, you were made amazing.  You are amazing!” 

On a recent retreat, I was practicing yoga.  At the end after Savasana, our instructor recited this blessing.  It so resonated with me that I had to go back and ask for a copy of it.  Cre, our yoga teacher, shared that when she was a young child her Grandmother said this to her often.

I have read this blessing everyday since I received it back in May. The ideas that I can function from approval and that I am amazing just because I was created have always been among my life’s greatest struggles. The “I am not enough”, or “I am too much”, or other messages the voices in my head gave me never included, “upon your creation you are approved!”

Today, I know TRUTH.  It is my great privilege and honor to support you and others into the awareness of  -your inner greatness.  To help you uncover the Truth of Your Amazingness.  If -you have forgotten, or have not been told lately, – YOU ARE AMAZING!

Cre’s blessing ends with this: –

“The light in me honors and adores the light in you.  The God in me honors, loves and respects the God in you.”