The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.
~ Alice Walker ~

We’re cultivating space for mindfulness | Giving our souls the same rest and recovery we need in our training | This the invitation to Renew | To get more from life by taking away some of the “too much” | To celebrate and connect with everything we are | It happens in the space of just a few breaths | We’re giving ourselves the Permission to Pause – Athleta Catalog 8/2017

I am just back from my family’s summer vacation, sorting my mail when I open to the words “Permission to Pause” and the above written phrase on the adjacent page in my Athleta Catalog.  What a perfect reminder for me to STOP once again.  To pause, to remember, that just because I am back at my desk with two weeks of emails and several calls to return, I do not have to just jump in.  My tendency is to feel like I MUST get it all done – right now!  By taking my power back, I am more able to focus and prioritize what needs to be done and reducing the pressure I put on myself.

School starts in just a few weeks and many of us are thinking ahead to the preparation needed to ready our children for the new school year.  We have long lists of doctors’ appointments, school supplies, forms to complete and new clothes to purchase.  For me, I am thinking about a new routine of exercise, classes to take of my own, and work that I want complete or start with more structured time.

Yet, I had not considered the PAUSE or the invitation to RENEW, in my frantic too much way of being!  What if, we planned for, shopped, scheduled and gave ourselves permission to PAUSE?

Together with Berni Slowey and Divine Adventures we have created the perfect opportunity to do just that this Winter.  In what is usually a high, we are getting close to selling the trip out and if you have not considered or given yourself Permission to PAUSE – please consider joining us!