Join empowerment coach Christy Belz for a 15-week UPROOT course, designed to help you powerfully partake in your life, finding greater purpose and fulfillment in relationships, work and leadership.

UPROOT – Ultimate Potential in
Relationships | Organizations | Opportunities | Transformation

UPROOT is designed to help you align your life’s activities, relationships and work with who you really are. This transformative process of personal empowerment is essential to live life well—to live on purpose and with meaningful intention. Focused on teaching “feeling” and presence and looking at ineffective thinking patterns and behaviors helps us identify and heal the underlying energy patterns that keep us stuck, overwhelmed and unsatisfied.

Throughout this 15-week course, you get to gain a greater understanding of who you are and how you function in the world. We explore human development at multiple levels and how your personal, professional and spiritual sense of self impact the context and development of your world. Fundamentally, we are all here to learn, grow and develop. We evolve physically, mentally and emotionally, and although growth happens naturally, most of it is seeded in the unconscious, developed when we were young children. Our family of origin, schooling, culture and religion, as well as many other things, set the course for us to become who we are now.

Together, both in individual and group sessions, we explore if your early conditioning serves you, while simultaneously uncovering the highest passion and purpose for your life. We access the common root conditionings and negative repetitive patterns that may have kept you stuck in reactive and unproductive ways of being. When you get clear about the thoughts and behaviors that are not serving you, you feel a greater sense of who you truly are and what you are here to accomplish. Ultimately, you tap into a firm sense of yourself as grounded, capable and creative. This is the secret to living your most empowered life. Drawing from the UPROOT metaphor, by pulling weeds and adding new soil and a bit of compost as you consciously develop a healthy root system, you become better able to fully express the wonderful powerful YOU! You can find the power within and access that power to affect change for yourself (a healthier and happier life), for your family (healthy, mutually supportive relationships), your organizations (more authenticity, collaboration and creativity) and larger systems (the ultimate goal of peace within humanity and on Earth).

What You Will Learn Through Your UPROOT Experience

The UPROOT course is designed to guide you through the self-discovery process of transformation and learning how to live life as the whole, perfect, complete, authentic you.

  • Through observation and awareness, you learn how to identify the areas of your life that are not fully serving you, reclaiming the personal power within to live your best life.

  • By feeling fully in the present moment, you learn how to distinguish between the thoughts of your ego and the voice of spirit to live on purpose.

  • By moving from reacting to responding, you learn how to express authentically from your heart to live your life passion.

  • By fostering the power of intention, you learn how to create your future through the power of your thoughts and desires.

  • A transformative shift in awareness. If we truly believe that a shift in our awareness and consciousness could awaken another person, a family, a community, a society, a nation, or even our world, I believe that it is dutiful to do so. UPROOT is designed to help awaken the spark of divinity that is within each and every one of us. It stems from the hope that, at this tipping point, we all wake up to the Divine nature and learn to live in love and peace in a collaborative and supportive way.

Registering For UPROOT

These are trying times, and everyone is faced with great and grave tasks. Amidst all the challenges, however, this is also a time ripe for individual and collective transformation. If you are interested in personal healing, professional development, leadership, empowerment and developing the insights and skills that can help you take your life, relationships, community, organization and even humanity to the next level and support others in doing so too, I invite you to enroll in the UPROOT course.

2022 Session

Sept 28, 2022 – January 4, 2023

“Don’t go through life. Grow through life.”

Eric Butterworth

UPROOT 15-week course