Coaching Sessions

Christy’s coaching sessions are focused on moving you forward quickly ─ stretching you with a new way of thinking and understanding.

Take advantage of a FREE 15 minute laser session or purchase one of our standard one hour sessions.  Packages include 3, 6 or 12 sessions, pushing you personally, professionally and spiritually to new heights.

*Typically, Christy recommends a minimum of three sessions to truly uproot your challenges and support new, more productive ways of being at work and home.


UPROOT Curriculum

The UPROOT Curriculum is designed to help you align your life’s activities, relationships and work with who you really are. This 15-week course is a transformative process of personal empowerment. Learn More Here.


UPROOT Retreats

UPROOT Retreat: Keystone (August 19-21, 2022)

Give yourself the gift of a weekend in the majestic Colorado Rockies to relax, reset and reflect. This weekend at the Keystone Gulch Retreat Center presents a unique opportunity to examine your life so you can practice self-forgiveness and embrace enlightenment. Christy Belz leads two days of instruction based on her UPROOT curriculum. The weekend includes luxuriously cozy accommodations, exhilarating nature walks, tasty, nourishing meals and an expressive art project.

Space is limited to 14 attendees. Cost: $995 and includes UPROOT curriculum instruction, art activity and meals. Accommodation is for two nights. All COVID-19 requirements will be upheld. To learn more, contact Christy Belz at: 303.995.9373 or

“The weekend was exactly what I needed. It gave me the space to feel gratitude and to work on accepting myself.”


UPROOT Retreat: Naples
(First session: January 23-25, 2023, Second session: January 26-28, 2023)

UPROOT Naples in January will open your heart to a new year full of possibilities and growth. This three-day retreat on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida will appeal to nature lovers and beachcombers alike. At UPROOT Naples, you’ll be transported away from the stress and strain of daily life to a winter escape where you can expand your mind and learn to experience yourself and others through fresh eyes. Christy Belz leads three days of instruction based on her UPROOT curriculum. The retreat features cozy accommodations, contemplative beach walks and fresh, restorative meals.

Space is limited to 8 attendees. Cost: $995 and includes UPROOT curriculum instruction, meals and accommodations. All COVID-19 requirements will be upheld. To learn more, contact Christy Belz at: 303.995.9373 or

“UPROOT retreats allow me to be more intentional so that I am putting out into the universe what I hope others will see.”


UPROOT Retreat: Costa Rica (April 19-22, 2023)

Details coming soon.

UPROOT Retreat: Maui (June 1-5, 2023)

UPROOT Maui puts nature and its healing power on the ultimate pedestal for you. Enjoy this getaway retreat located in Makawao, Maui at The Sacred Garden. This private five-bedroom genuine log house is the relaxing setting you need to be spirited away from worldly demands and slow down to reflect on what is truly important in your life.

The Sacred Garden on Maui is primarily housed inside a 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouse. The space will fill you with ideas while filling your soul with peace. It is a spiritual, but nondenominational destination where people from all cultures, religions and walks of life are welcomed to this sacred place. The first thing you will notice when you come to the garden is the profound feeling of peace. Then the overwhelming beauty will embrace you.

You’ll bask in the presence of unique tropical plants, including exotic orchids, while becoming inspired to embark on your personal journey.

The Sacred Garden is nestled at the bottom of Maliko Gulch, one of the most unusual geologic features on the island—a deep ravine that extends from the upper slopes of Haleakala to the ocean. Whether immersing yourself in the sounds and movements of the water or following a winding trail in one of the many prayer gardens, you’ll find yourself in a space where you can fully examine your purpose and passion.

The Sacred Garden has two labyrinths you’ll traverse for clarity, stress release and self-discovery.  The instructors for the weekend include spiritual leader Eve Hogan, who will lead the group in ceremony and guide this weekend of meditation and contemplative personal journeys. Christy Belz will lead four days of instruction based on her UPROOT curriculum, using the beautiful island of Maui as the backdrop for reconnecting with your inner self. Creative inspiration will be taught by Betsy Wiersma, who will add art journaling to express yourself through a visual medium.

The weekend includes serene accommodations, leisurely hikes and authentic Hawaiian cuisine.

Space is limited to 8 attendees. Cost: $2,495.00 and includes UPROOT curriculum instruction, art project and supplies, meals and a four-night stay at The Sacred Garden. Price does not include optional spa treatments, alcohol, air and ground transportation or gratuity for the home staff. All COVID-19 requirements will be upheld. To learn more, contact Christy Belz at: 303.995.9373 or

“I have a hard time setting aside time to slow down. The UPROOT retreats force me to get off the treadmill of life to really embrace how I want to show up and be better.”


The Leadership Circle Certified Practitioners Debrief

The Leadership Circle Profile is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information so that you can enhance your own development and improve organizational systems. As a Senior Certified Consultant with the Leadership Circle, Christy’s debrief process is specifically tailored to every individual’s development.  Learn More Here.