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Personal – Professional – Powerful

Individual Coaching

Create change that sticks… leading to lifelong transformation. With coaching and guidance, you will put an end to those feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed or depressed. You will stop your over reacting or feeling trapped in career going nowhere. You will become empowered.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is the playing ground for collaboration and creative expression. The group approach brings people together to share and gain outside perspectives. Sometimes the simplest question can seed the most powerful discussion that leads to the most empowering solution.

Leadership Consulting

Get to the core of your patterns to create a dynamic breakthrough for lasting change. The Leadership Circle 360 Profile connects patterns of action with habits of thought. With greater understanding of what’s driving your behavior, you can tackle change and embrace transformation.


A Sojourn to Peru

Join This Divine Adventure
Into The Heart & Soul of Peru

February 1 – 10, 2018

Christy Belz

Your Empowerment Coach and Consultant


begin your transformational journey to authentic power, purpose and profit

What Others are Saying About Empowerment Coaching

Christy has an amazing intuition about what I am struggling with! With only one session she has helped me to see things differently.
Beverly H.

Christy is my go to for issues that I can’t seem to budge. Conventional therapy is great and has its place, but it doesn’t permanently remove intransigent energies that are repeat offenders (and repeat … and repeat). Christy can and does. I’ am grateful, GRATEFUL for the critical work she does.
Melissa B.


Her insight and intuition are right on, and she helps me cut through the illusions to what is real. She is helping me gather myself from all the places in my life where I disintegrated with reaction to traumas.
Scott V.

Christy has the ability to filter out the stories I make up and help me focus on what really needs my attention. I am grateful!
Deb N.

Christy has the ability to read the moment and bring clarity to light. I’m am so grateful for our time together.
Charmagne K.