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Christy is a prolific and in-demand speaker. She has been a TEDx speaker and is an official Co-Curator of TEDxCherryCreekWomen. Christy is available for a variety of speaking engagements, including conferences, events and corporate retreats.

Some of the topics Christy has spoken on include:

  • Perfection

  • Creating Alignment for High-Performing Teams

  • Unlocking Your Personal, Professional and Spiritual Potential

  • Shift Training: Get Clarity. Shift to Above the Line Thinking

Christy is always collaborating with her clients and creating custom presentations to meet their needs. If you have a topic idea for Christy or would like a presentation created specifically for your organization, please contact.

TEDx Trainer

As a Co-Curator with TEDxCherryCreekWomen, Christy helps guides speakers to give presentations that have been featured on national platforms, most recently The Today Show. Her ability to support speakers to stand in their own greatness has led to TEDx talks gaining record viral engagement numbers.  Though Christy has helped individuals from a variety of backgrounds, the TEDx platform has allowed her to focus intently on supporting women to use their voices on a global stage.

If you want to capture the hearts of your audience, schedule an appointment with Christy.

Blogs & Podcasts

Christy has created many blogs and podcasts featuring motivational behavior techniques, interviews and book excerpts. Check them all out here.


Oh God of Second Chances, Here I am Again

A walk in ruby red cowboy boots

With three clicks of her ruby red cowboy boots, Christy Belz, empowerment coach, spiritual teacher and speaker, walks you through her journey from leaving a lucrative position in sales to her social work with women over the last two decades. “Oh God of Second Chances, Here I am Again” is a fresh and funny perspective providing personal stories that can help you expand your personal, professional and spiritual growth.

From the moment you pick up the book, you’ll be drawn to start clicking your own ruby red cowboy boots.

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Transformational Leadership for the Helping Professions: Engaging Head, Heart, and Soul

by Jean F. East

Christy contributed a chapter titled “Leadership Begins with You” in the book Transformational Leadership for the Helping Professions: Engaging Head, Heart, and Soul by Jean F. East and published by Oxford University Press. You can read and purchase the book here.

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By Mark Ebinger

Connect offers a road map to reconnection at a time when loneliness in our culture is at an all-time high. Author Mark Ebinger shares personal stories of his own journey to reconnection and shines a light on the truths about human nature that make isolation and disconnection all too easy. With each chapter including practical exercises, readers are able to set their own path to a greater connection. In the book, Christy Belz is acknowledged for her energetic brilliant repatterning work that she performed for Mark. She is also featured as a coach that Mark Ebinger would recommend highlighting her gift to empower others.


The Stew

By Betsy Wiersma

Christy Belz is one of the many stories collected from women around the world in Betsy Wiersma’s latest artistic creation, The Stew. In the book, Christy shares her inspirational experiences, smart talk and innovative ideas. With poetry curated from Carol Calkins breadth of work and original artwork, The Stew will not only inspire you but stir you up to love, laugh and be a little naughty.

“Christy’s work with the Leadership Circle and her own curriculum on executive coaching has introduced emotional intelligence to men and women in the corporate world which has led to stronger teams and better business results for those involved.”

Liz Cahill, President, Cahill Branding, Former CMO State of Colorado – VP of Marketing Lee Jeans

“It is truly extraordinary to watch Christy in action as she shares her compassion and caring while inspiring others through her coaching and mentoring skills to not only step into their greatness, but also to emulate qualities that enhance the lives of so many others.”

Carol Calkins, PhD, Executive Director, Global Sisterhood Network and 14-year camper, CampExperienceTM Network.

“Christy’s work has been crucial to our success, and she brings an energy and light to everything we do.”

Dafna Michelson Jenet, Colorado State Representative and Co-Curator of TEDxCherryCreek

“Christy is a community leader with a proven track record of helping to better women in
Colorado’s community, both as a coach and speaker.”

Cathy Lucas
Chief of Staff/VP of Strategy, Metropolitan State University of Denver

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