setting intentions2020 is right around the corner. And, not only is it a new year, but a whole new decade! Entering into 2020 feels exciting, and I feel that there is an opportunity to be bold and courageous as we dance into a new decade. 

Personally, as I’ve been setting intentions, I feel inspired to create, live more fully and step into who I am authentically and powerfully meant to be. I’ve lived my life helping to empower other women, which feels wonderful and I’ll continue to do, but now I also feel called to step into my own power, in my own way, ready to shout out, “Here I Am!” 

It takes courage to step into our empowered, authentic selves. Especially as women, it takes bravery and boldness to claim who we are and expose our beautiful femininity, passions and talents to the world. Although great strides have been made in recent decades, we continue to live in a world with systems and constructs deriving from and being reinforced by the masculine. And, looking around at the state of the world and Mother Earth, those constructs haven’t been working very well and haven’t in a very, very long time. 

As I courageously step into 2020, I do so with the Divine feminine as my guide, by my side. With courage that comes directly from the heart, I feel called to embody a new paradigm ripe with personal empowerment and the fuel to inspire my fellow sisters to do the same. 

Welcoming In The New Year With Tenacity And Grace 

I suspect that I am not alone in welcoming in the new year and new decade. My belief is that 2020 will give us the power of love and that there is huge potential being offered to reach a new level of potential—one filled with compassion, understanding and a tenacity to follow our hearts, stay the course and do it all with grace. 2020 is also an angel number, and when we have guides by our sides—whether in Divine form or through a trusted friend, mentor, coach, loving spouse or our own innate wisdom—we’re able to create more, connect more and live with more courage, kindness, excitement and joy. We are also more able to follow our hearts, letting go of what no longer serves us while making space for what’s meant to come, and to do so courageously. 

The fabulous Brené Brown in her book, I Thought It Was Just Me: Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame, writes words about courage and the heart that I visit often. 

“Courage is a heart word. The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant ‘To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.’ Over time, this definition has changed, and today, we typically associate courage with heroic and brave deeds. But in my opinion, this definition fails to recognize the inner strength and level of commitment required for us to actually speak honestly and openly about who we are and about our experiences—good and bad. Speaking from our hearts is what I think of as “ordinary courage.”

It takes courage to speak, hear and live with our hearts. It takes courage and tenacity to let go of those things not meant for us. And, it takes courage, tenacity and grace to create the space needed to authentically and honestly step into our personal power and call in something new. 

As 2019 and this decade come to a close I invite you to think about where you are and how you are showing up in your life. What have you learned in the last one, two or ten years? What still gets to be uncovered, discovered and embraced in order for you to express your best self to the world? What do you need to say goodbye to as we move from one decade to another? What desires and intentions do you want to cultivate in the new year? How can you show up as your best, most brilliant and connected self?

Setting Intentions: Courageously Step Into A New Year And Decade Of Possibilities  

I offer you my Courageously Step Into 2020: A New Year And Decade of Possibility intention setting worksheets as a gift. These pages will help you reflect on this past year as well as with setting intentions for the new one. Click here to download this insightful gift. It is my sincere wish that the questions on reflections and setting intentions will bring you clarity, excitement and a renewed sense of direction, purpose and passion. 

If you would like support on reflecting on the past year, letting go of what is no longer serving you and setting intentions infused with passion and purpose for 2020, please schedule an appointment with me. If you live outside of Denver, the session can be done by phone.

Here’s to a new decade of power, possibilities and personal growth!