“Most people are not really free. They are confined by the niche in the world that they carve out for themselves. They limit themselves to fewer possibilities by the narrowness of their vision.” – V.S. Naipaul 

Have you noticed how often we go ‘That’s impossible’… making our limited thinking into a statement of fact, or a foregone conclusion? One of the greatest tools I ever discovered is, how asking a question can open up possibilities. – Dr, Dain

So,  What Else Is Possible?

What an exciting time to be on the planet!

From Chaos to Peace to new Possibilities!

What is the new possibility that is calling you this year?

As is my tradition, my gift to you is attached, in the form of the Empowered 2017 booklet.

Empowered 2017

This is a wonderful process to complete the past year and create your intention for the new year.  It is designed to help you to reflect, release and create a new vision.  I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, however, I am a true believer in the power of setting intention.

Being in the awe and wonder to create in a field of “what else is possible?” has generated, wealth, opportunity and personal and spiritual growth beyond my imagination.

Please use and share the workbook with friends and family.  My tradition, will be to sit with my friends and family in conversation and reflection of what is next for me to create with the creator.  It would be my pleasure to support you in getting clear about what else is possible and intention setting for 2017 with you.

Know that you are important to me and if you have received this message.  I am here to support you on you journey!