The Art of Creation

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“Could it be that Creativity and Intuition are the same thing or come from the same source? A quality that is very useful in exploring both is being willing to be in a state of Discovery, which means being ok with not knowing what’s next .”
 David Stevens – Yoga of the Mind

Happy New Year!  Do you know what this year holds for you?  Are your New Year’s resolutions actually in action?  Are you ready for what’s next?

For the last several years I have worked with my clients, facilitated groups and offered a process I call Empowered (whatever the current year is).  I was introduced to a similar process called Completions and Creations by a Master Teacher, Aspen DeCew.

Following the theme of my last newsletter entitled Gifts, I have decide to offer you, my friends and clients, the opportunity to work the process for yourselves. The Empowered 2016 workbook can be accessed here.  

The power of answering the questions outlined, about the year just passed and the year ahead, creates space and attention.  It puts the Universe on full alert that you are ready and willing to step fully into your year to live a more Empowered life.  At the end of the workbook you are asked to create an intention statement and find the word that best defines how you intend to show up this year.    I am here to support you.

My word for 2016 is creativity!

I have never really thought of myself as a creative.  I do not create artwork, paint or draw.  My fear of writing and speaking in public was limited by a lack of courage to try.  However, the time has come.  The wonderful lion in Wizard of OZ says, “A little courage please,” as he heads with Dorothy down the Yellow Brick Road.

This month I step onto my own road to creative self-expression by saying “Yes” to being more visible, to have the courage to write and to create my own body of work, with my own unique distinctions.  I have been mentored, loved and supported by so many wonderful women.  This weekend I join two of these women, Cynthia James and Jean Hendry, and 150 women for the Women Creating our Futures conference to say, “Yes to Me”.  I am supporting this event as I believe in the energy of collaboration.  I want to encourage you to give yourself this gift. It will be incredible!

I feel guided.  I feel blessed.  I say “Hello Courage”. I’m ready to head down this road of being ok with not knowing what is next!  Are you?

These newsletters are a part of my process.  Thank you to all of you who have reached out on how my message has had an impact.