2017-11-01T15:07:42-07:00November 11th, 2015|Encouragement, Reflections|

One of my clients recently posted;  Christy is my go to for issues that I can’t seem to budge. Conventional therapy is great and has its place, but it doesn’t permanently remove intransigent energies that are repeat offenders (and repeat … and repeat). Christy can and does. I am grateful, GRATEFUL for the critical work she does.

What a beautiful message to receive, yet, I am the one who is grateful.  What a blessing and an honor to work with such brilliant and amazing clients, to have incredible friends and a loving family.  This season I just want to say Thank You!

As I stand on the edge of new creativity and authentic self-expression I am excited about what is next.  Please see the side bar here for offerings available through Empowerment Coaching these next few months.

It is truly my intention to stand with each of you, if you are ready and willing, to create more successful, fulfilling and empowered lives.

The power is in everyone of  us.

My prayer this season  is that we share an “attitude of gratitude” no matter where we are, hope for the possibilities of the future and the love and acceptance of this moment.  

In closing, Meister Eckhart says, “If the only prayer you say in this life is, “thank you,”  that would suffice.”