Clarify your personal, professional and spiritual direction to claim your voice and grow into your authentic self.




Individual Coaching

Create change that sticks… leading to lifelong transformation. With coaching and guidance, you will put an end to those feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed or depressed. You will stop overreacting or feeling trapped. You will become empowered.

Christy is highly trained to understand the complexity of the human experience.  Her work and talents allow her to hone in on what is really going on for her clients – many times, seeing things they cannot see for themselves. These discoveries and her multi-disciplined approach produce results for her clients that they have not been able to accomplish with other modalities. Using the TLC leadership assessment or one-on-one coaching using her unique models and modalities, Christy will move you into a place of greater awareness and provide tools for individual and organizational transformation.

These services are  ideal for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their own inner growth and professional development and are seeking a compassionate, intuitive coach who will help them uproot their challenges and support new, more productive ways of being at work and at home


  • Define your purpose in life to align with your lifestyle and vocation.

  • Focus on your naturally-gifted talents to be your best.

  • Discover and release old paradigms, let go of past patterns/behavior to joyously move forward.

  • Set your intention for what you desire, remove the barriers and start fully living.


  • Improved communication and relationships

  • Receive a greater sense of self-confidence.

  • Become more able and willing to assert one’s self.

  • Be better able to respond to situations versus being reactive to triggers.


I have been doing personal coaching and growth work with Christy for over a year and am always amazed by her skill for honing in on the core issue for whatever is happening in my life. She is highly intuitive and compassionate. She provides a safe container from which to explore personal issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

Karen T.

Group/Team Coaching and Organizational Culture Survey

Group coaching is the playing ground for collaboration and creative expression. The group approach brings people together to share and gain outside perspectives in a comfortable, supportive, and judgment-free environment. Sometimes the simplest question can inspire the most powerful discussion that leads to the most empowering solution.

Christy’s passion lives in the interconnectedness of all things. Group work is vital to the development process for individuals and organizations. Walk away with a greater sense of your individual accountability, greater understanding for interpersonal dynamics and the know how to create high performing teams.

This service is ideal for professional work teams, families and community leaders.


  • Define your specific goals and accountability markers to keep you on track.

  • Understand how you show up and how you are perceived by others.

  • Identify ways of being and behaviors that are working and some that are not working.

  • Get clear about your current reality and create an ideal future to move towards.


  • Clarify your personal, professional and spiritual directions.

  • Reveal what you can’t yet see: the root causes of your distress.

  • Receive tools so you can spend your energy on what’s true and real, rather than your perceived self.


Christy has the ability to filter out the stories I make up and help me focus on what really needs my attention. I am grateful! 

Deb N.

Leadership Consulting

Get to the core of your leadership behaviors to create a dynamic breakthrough for lasting change. The Leadership Circle 360 Profile connects patterns of action with habits of thought. With greater understanding of what’s driving your behavior, you can tackle change and embrace transformation. This service is ideal for all professionals holding leadership roles from CEOs to c-suite teams to executive directors and managers.

Working with the Leadership Circle Profile™ and the Leadership System™, Christy is able to identify quickly and objectively what is happening in organizations and individuals within the organizations.  Her vast experience combined with these tools provides you the opportunity to see a baseline of leader and organization structure she works with.


  • Identify where you are in current reality versus the idea of where you desire to be.

  • Build high functioning and productive teams.

  • Define your desired results and craft a plan for achievement.


  • Increase productivity, employee retention and engagement while nurturing future leaders to reach their highest potential.

  • Be better prepared to confront challenges.

  • Obtain visibility and awareness of leadership actions that impact results.

  • Receive greater focus and productivity personally and amongst direct reports.

  • Gain the ability to engage effectively with direct reports, peers, bosses and customers.

  • Build better organizational communication across the business culture.


I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding session you provided me with today to prepare me for my first client debrief of TLC. You were focused and clear – and also warm-hearted and empathetic. You broke down the complexity of the instrument in a way that showed me the developmental path for my client. Thank you for sharing the depth of your knowledge about this transformative process. I now feel confident that I can provide my CEO client with the value he deserves. I can see why doing this work leverages your strengths and your commitment.

Joan B.

I love the way that you led us through some hard topics and got us all thinking. You are so good at what you do!

Annie H.

We hired Christy to create a custom leadership program for the firm. Through actionable skill-building techniques, the Path to Leadership program has without a doubt brought a higher level of leadership, positively impacting client relationships and the company culture.

Jen L.