Matters of the Heart

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These times are so uncertain, there’s a yearning undefined… we all need a little tenderness.
From Don Henley’s song The Heart of the Matter

This month’s theme is Heart.  Of course, it is February and most of us would think about the romantic holiday of Valentine’s Day.  However, I do not want to talk about a commercial holiday, nor love as it translates in our more traditional thinking of passion and the feeling we hold for others.  I want to talk about heart; your heart, my heart, our one universal beating heart and what that means in this time.

For me as a therapist, coach, business person and community engager, I work with individuals and organizations across sectors to support and empower personal and professional growth and well-being.  In my many years of professional practice, I know one thing to be certain – we will never find peace, joy, happiness or success by thinking about it, strategizing about it or trying to force it to happen.

True happiness and success comes from the heart, not the thinking of your brain or even your mind.  In my practice I distinguish the brain from the mind.  Your brain is just the accumulation of data collected throughout your life span.  Like a computer, you have input the data and you can search and find the information you need.  Unless you have access to the mind – the internet of collective knowledge, you will not be able to solve or accomplish anything different because you are always coming from the known, or what has been stored.

The mind is your internet.  It provides full access to all the information you need to solve or resolve an issue.  Your heart is your internet provider!  It connects you to the universe of knowledge.  You have to have service to  access the greater “knowing.”

That is the heart of the matter. Heartmath Institute has studied and researched the intellect of the heart and what happens when we collective align in a “coherent” vibration.  This is where change happens and where we align with what is true and real for us.  This is where I see change happen in individuals and organizations.

Teaching my clients the heart of the matter and sharing the gifts and abundance of knowledge I have through Grace is my deepest passion.

This month, try a little tenderness with yourself, drop into the heart, open your mind and ask – What is it I truly desire?  What makes my heart sing?  What feels right for me?  What else is possible beyond my thinking or my five senses?  This is where your real answers lay.  This is your heart path.