Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!
“Let there be Peace on Earth
and Let it Begin with ME”

This is a line from one of my all-time favorite songs.  It feels very relevant now.  Please take a few moments to listen to this Vince Gill version and watch the beautifully expressed graphics.

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How do we find P E A C E in the season of the holidays?

P E A C E is an inside job!

Presence – Let us enjoy each moment and then the next.  It is only in each moment that we can tap into the stillness and quiet of our inner life.  It is also in each moment that we are able to tap into the awe and wonder that abounds the magic of the season. The beauty of a snowflake, the joy on a child’s face, the opportunity to join with others in appreciation, celebration and the festivities of the season.  Moment by moment we create the season.  Stay present to the moment!

Eliminate Expectation –  This is one aspect of our psyche that can create the most havoc in the holiday season.  We manufacture an expectation of how we think things are going to be.  We create the story of the perfect family, the perfect gift, the perfect dish and then Uncle Bob shows up.  For those of you who have watched, or care to watch my TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen talk,  I speak of the illusion of perfection.  It truly is a made up story of how we “think” things should be.  Let it go.  Go back to just allowing the “what is” and let peace permeate your space.

Accepting – This is one of the greatest gifts of all in the holiday season.  We have so much to be grateful for even if we are struggling.  Being grateful for the simplest of things and accepting all of it, has given me the greatest peace of all. When I can release my judgement of how I think others should behave, or how I think things should be, I find myself in coherence with my nature, the essential nature of who I truly am.  When I am more open to accepting others, and the situations that present themselves, then I have a deep and profound acceptance of myself – a peace that fills my soul.

Creating – Julia Cameron wrote the book The Artist Way.  Her work is an integral part of my daily practice.  I use her morning pages (three long hand written pages – first thing in the morning) to start every day.  The free flow of writing primes me to fully create and express my most authentic self.  In this season of gift giving, what creativity can you use to share more fully of yourself?  I know one family that creates handmade gifts for everyone in the gift exchange process.  After years of this tradition, it blows my mind to see what is created!  Even if you are not an artist, what creative expression can you be this season?

Expect the Best! Setting a positive intention to show up in your authentic self and be present, while not being attached to your story of how it “should be” and creating a season that “is”, will bring you greater peace this season. Trust me, as one who has created many a drama in this season and many others – I know.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and happiness!