Christy Belz, MSW, HSE


Stressed? Depressed or Unexpressed? Those feelings, whether you acknowledge them or not, impact your success in business, in your personal life, and in everything you do—and sometimes you can’t tackle it alone.

Christy’s passion lives in the empowerment of you, both personally and professionally. Using progressive methods, clients are guided to discover their innate talents and are coached to bring those gifts forward to live a fulfilling life. Drawing from her former leadership roles in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, Christy uses her vast experience to empower her clients to identify relevant solutions as a life-long personal practice. A candid and compassionate consultant, Christy uncovers what is too close for clients to see for themselves.

Combining the study of human behavior, advance technologies and intuition, Christy is able to lead clients into a steady evolution of authentic self-expression and inspired action while lessening negative repetitive thought patterns and behaviors.

In her talks and workshops, Christy’s presence and unconventional ways connect the hearts and minds of audiences. Christy’s commitment and unique expertise helps transform lives.

Christy holds both a Bachelor’s (BSW) and Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degrees.  She is certified in both the Leadership Circle and Leadership System.  She is also a trained mentor in HeartMath.